View Full Version : "WITH" a portrait series shot on 8x10 paper negative.

7-Mar-2017, 20:13
I just submitted a series of portrait I shot on 8x10 camera with paper negative/contact print to Lens Culture portrait award, its made in collaboration with friends and an object of their choice, which show their unique personality or profession, you can see all 10 of them in the following link. If you like them please help me to share them on facebook.

I would never be able to make these images without the camera/lens brought from the forum and all the information about paper negative, pre/post flashing and great sample of portraits in the Image sharing session. Thank you to all the people sharing.

An ongoing series in collaboration with friends and their objects,
shot on 8x10 view camera with paper negative and contact printed.


7-Mar-2017, 23:22
Neat, I like the effects in the image with the man's hair caught in the branches.
Very cool to also look at the submissions of others.

8-Mar-2017, 14:34
Thanks Nicholas for looking at the images, there are a lot of excellent works on their website!

8-Mar-2017, 16:10
Lots! I ended up emailing a few people.