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7-Mar-2017, 13:36
I have a Voigtlander-Bergheil 9x12 cm that I love. Currently, the only lens I have for it is the original 15cm Heliar that came with it in a Compur shutter and it does have the bayonet mount. I am looking to purchase a wide-angle lens but having little knowledge of Compur shutters I need help understanding which one/ones will work on this camera. Is there a good source for these types of lenses?

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Dan Fromm
7-Mar-2017, 14:15
I think what you're trying to do is a bad idea. Not that there's anything wrong with the Bergheil, rather that there are better ways to get the functionality you want without using one.

Others don't agree. Read the links below, then try to contact John Flinn.



8-Mar-2017, 15:26
Hi Dan. Thanks for the input. I am not sure why you think it is a bad idea. Is it because of the difficulty in finding a suitable lens for it?

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Dan Fromm
8-Mar-2017, 16:57
Robert, I don't think there were any original issue w/a lenses for the Bergheil. I could be mistaken.

Also, there's just one focusing scale with just one set of bed (also called infinity) stops for just the original normal lens.

Its not that the Bergheil lacks appeal. Folds up, compact when folded, not too heavy, ... Rather that there are folding cameras that are better set up for using interchangeable lenses. As I wrote, some don't agree with me about this.

If I understood and remember his posts correctly, the adapters that Mr. Finn wrote about will hold a lens (most lenses?) in #0 or #1 to a Bergheil standard.