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4-Mar-2017, 04:49
Hi everybody,
This is my first post, so I would like to thank you for welcoming me in the group.
My name is Alberto, I live in Italy and I am sort of analogic-cameras-addicted (mostly 35mm and MF) :)

And here I come with my first question...
I recently received a Plaubel view camera (Peco Supra 10x15cm), in decent conditions, but without chassis/film holders. I therefore went on eBay and discovered a very limited availability of accessories and spare parts for the 10x15 format.

Do you know if a back adapter exists, which converts the 10x15cm format into a 4"x5"?

Besides, any comment/suggestion on this camera would be more than welcome!

I tried to find the information above on the forum, with no success: I apologize if a thread already exists! (In such case, could you please redirect me there? Tks!).

Thanks for your help!

Mark Sampson
4-Mar-2017, 15:57
Welcome Alby!
I don't know anything about Plaubel cameras, I've never even seen one. But be assured that someone on this forum will be able to answer your question!

5-Mar-2017, 00:43
Welcome, Alby,

I know of regular adapters from 13x18cm to 4x5 " international back, and maybe there exist 10x15/4x5 adapters, too. Hard to imagine concerning the size of your back standard..

In this case you can buy an international back of the later produced Plaubel Profia called PS 7 / 433.
It has the Graflock system and so it will carry rollfilm holders, too.

First make a measurement of your back standard; this will give an idea of your possibilties.
The PS 7 outer dimensions are nearly 16,6 cm,square, and you will need some more mm for covering an adapter in a lightight way.

If you can't grab an original adapter, or if your Supra is not wide enough on the 10cm edges, you could design your own adapter plate.
Plaubel Universal an Supra cameras use simple metal plates without any light traps as lens bords and backholders, that's fine for designing new parts.

Alternatively you could drive your Supra with an old 9x12 cm back which needs the fantastic Plaubel/Linhof single metal filmholders out of this area. Probably you have to redesign the metal plate of the back, or again to construct a simple adapter.

Ilford, Rollei and Foma still deliver 9x12 b&w film, but color is gone.


5-Mar-2017, 02:50
Thanks a lot Ritchie and Mark.
I took some measure, and the back plate of my Supra is also a square of 16,6cm side: I guess the Profia PS7 you mentioned would work fine with my Supra?!
Btw this would allow some adjustment with the only lens I currently have (it has a 18cm image circle diameter, exactly the same measure of a 10x15 diagonal...).

If I solve this one, I will need to repair/substitute the bellow (there are a few cracks so it's not lightproof anymore - even if I think that laying on the bellow the thick black cloth used for focusing could be enough at least for the first few tries...).

Thanks again!

5-Mar-2017, 16:17
I took some measure, and the back plate of my Supra is also a square of 16,6cm side: I guess the Profia PS7 you mentioned would work fine with my Supra?!

Me, I would give it a try.
In worst case you would have to "cut" 1 or 2 mm from the edges of the back, or you could screw it onto a simple adapter plate.

I adaptered 4x5" and 5x7" Plaubel backs to my wooden Pentacon Globica 13x18 cm - everything is possible :-)

There further exists an older version of the 4x5" back, but unfortunately mine has no sign, no name.
It looks slightly different but comes with the same measurements.
So it will work fine, too.


Tracy Storer
5-Mar-2017, 19:32
I'm gearing up to make some parts/accessories for my Peco Universal 5x7... I can make lensboards, back mounting panels, etc. Photo shows ine original board, unfinished lensboard and back panel.