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Jason Turvey
28-Feb-2017, 09:22
Hello Everyone,

My name is Jason and I'm based in Wales (UK).

I seem to have been bitten by the film bug this year and I've decided to give 4x5 a try, I've started to order parts and through searching the web for information I came across this community.

As there appears to be such a wealth of knowledge I thought it more than worthwhile in joining.



Louis Pacilla
28-Feb-2017, 09:35
Welcome aboard Jason!

One thing that really helps a person getting started in large format photography is to read through the information on the home page http://www.largeformatphotography.info/.
Have a blast while learning the ropes.

28-Feb-2017, 09:40
Welcome from Yorkshire

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Andrew O'Neill
28-Feb-2017, 12:53
Welcome Jason, from Canada.

Jason Turvey
28-Feb-2017, 13:50
Thanks for the welcome everyone ~ Lots of information to absorb on the main page Louis.

Steven Tribe
28-Feb-2017, 15:56
A good area with very diverse motive choice available at no distance!

Gary Tarbert
1-Mar-2017, 04:32
Welcome Jason , Shame there was not a new in front of the south wales :D

30-May-2017, 14:17
Hi Jason

I am also living in Wales ( Carmarthenshire ) . Where in Wales are you?


30-May-2017, 15:08
Hi Jason

Peter Collins
30-May-2017, 18:58
Welcome! (How do you say that in Welsh?) There is so much here; I find that i even use archived information in this forum. Many fine teachers, and many, many accomplished photographers!

I think Horseman's byline "ummm, ..." is the best yet!

30-May-2017, 19:52
welcome Jason, looking forward to seeing more images from Wales, a beautiful part of the world

31-May-2017, 09:00
Hi Jason, and Welcome Aboard.

I've heard Wales is a beautiful country (never been there myself).
Hope that will provide many photo ops we can enjoy. Thanks and good shooting.

- Leigh

Jason Turvey
31-May-2017, 23:41
Hi everyone and thank you for the welcome.

John ~ I'm based near Pontypridd, Rhondda Cynon Taf.

Peter ~ Thanks for the Welcom or croeso in Welsh.

I've pretty much purchased all the LF Gear I need to start to get out and start making photographs, only a scanner left to purchase so hopefully I'll be posting images soon.

Thank you again.


Peter Lewin
1-Jun-2017, 17:30
Jason, I look forward to seeing your images. I lived in the U.K. For 6 years as an ex-pat, some of that at the Esso refinery in Milford Haven, some climbing and hill walking in North Wales, and some visits to castles (IIRC, Wales has more castles per square mile than any other place in Europe). Just about any pictures you take in Wales will bring back good memories!

John Kasaian
4-Jun-2017, 18:08
Welcome aboard!

5-Jun-2017, 20:23
Hello Jason,

I just saw this thread - I'm from Rhondda - but have moved away a bit (about 9,000km). Good to read about someone from Ponty on here!

Jason Turvey
5-Jun-2017, 23:23
Hi Peter,

That's some distance, not easy to hop in the car and pop down the road ~ Hope you're liking the move away from Rhondda.


Leszek Vogt
6-Jun-2017, 03:50
A welcome to LF forum, Jason.