View Full Version : Used Photo Pro - feedback?

27-Feb-2017, 10:50
Just became aware of this seller of used gear in Indiana,US. Does anyone have experience with them? Timely delivery? Quality/condition as described? Thanks.

27-Feb-2017, 10:57
I have bought several items from them with good results, very fast delivery and accurately described.

Greg Davis
27-Feb-2017, 18:02
They are the used division of Roberts Camera. I talked to their reps a couple years ago at a conference and was told they recruited the buyer from KEH at the time.

Peter De Smidt
27-Feb-2017, 18:37
I've had good luck with them so far.

Dan Fromm
27-Feb-2017, 18:58
What's the matter, chassis? Didn't you get the answer you wanted on APUG?


27-Feb-2017, 19:10
Thanks all. Dan it seems like there are folks on APUG who don't frequent this site, and I am looking for as much input as I can get. Seems like the feedback is generally favorable.

Randy Moe
27-Feb-2017, 19:12
Never buy from the best.

27-Feb-2017, 22:55
I shopped their ebay offerings for medium format gear recently. I talked to them on the phone and they were pretty helpful. I made offers on some stuff that was IMO overpriced for buy it now, and was turned down bothtimes. Despite being a bit high in price they seemed professional and responsive enough.

Peter De Smidt
28-Feb-2017, 00:57
I've regularly had "offers" accepted with them.

28-Feb-2017, 18:04
I've regularly had "offers" accepted with them.

Yours were probably better offers. Mine were low but not insultingly so.

28-Feb-2017, 18:48
I once ordered a "Very Good" and a "Good" lens. Good lens had fungus. I called and they told me that "Good" may have fungus and other possible issues when I called about it even if it is not in the item description. They happily arranged for a return shipping label. It turns out that they inadvertently refunded the amount of both lenses so I called to straighten that out since that's they way I do business. So I'd buy VG or better lenses from them.

Shipping was very fast and free for my orders through them. Refund was prompt after they received the returned lens.