View Full Version : Imacon Precision III 4x10 Film Scanning

Richard Wasserman
27-Feb-2017, 10:16
I need to scan 4x10 film and am hoping to use my Precision III scanner. I am thinking that I can use a 4x6 film holder (I could also get a longer custom holder if more overlap would be better), scan the film twice, once from each end and then stitch the scans in Photoshop. Is this workable? Am I missing anything? I thought I'd ask the hive mind before I start buying film holders.

bob carnie
27-Feb-2017, 10:25
yes as long as you do not change any settings I see why this would not work, I do this with oversize art pieces on the Creo.

Richard Wasserman
27-Feb-2017, 12:02
Thanks Bob, that's just what I wanted to hear.

Will a 4x6 film holder give enough overlap between the 2 scans for Photoshop to work its magic, or should I go with a longer one? The scanner supports up to 7 inches.

bob carnie
27-Feb-2017, 12:44
As long as you have overlap you should be okay I am not huge into stitching other than the few we do, others here could answer much better the amount of overlap, I usually use a lot but I do not think its a requirement.

Kirk Gittings
27-Feb-2017, 17:48
That should be enough overlap as long as there is good detail in the overlap areas.

Richard Wasserman
28-Feb-2017, 10:21
It turns out that there is a possibility that I can get a custom 4x10 holder made. If that can be done, obviously it would be the simplest solution. If not, I will go with a 4x6 holder and stitching. I'll report back when I know more.

28-Feb-2017, 19:31
There is a seller on the auction site sells custom made imacon holders and I do remember seeing 4x10 being available. I have ordered from them before, the quality is good but it just takes forever to receive it (almost 5 weeks)

1-Mar-2017, 07:24
I have had a 6x17 and an xpan custom holder from the ebay guy - good quality, basically no real difference to the official holders. Don't particularly remember them taking too long to arrive either. If I was a 4x10 shooter then a custom holder from the same source would be my first port of call.

Richard Wasserman
1-Mar-2017, 09:02
I contacted the seller on ebay and he can indeed make a 4x10 holder. I will order it today. I had no idea that an Imacon could handle 10 inch film—I'm a happy guy!

Phil Hudson
14-Mar-2017, 14:16
Wondering how did the 4x10 Imacon holder turn out - both in terms of the quality of the holder and the process of scanning/stitching?

Richard Wasserman
14-Mar-2017, 15:16
I haven't received the 4x10 holder yet—it is on its way and should arrive soon. I'll post here when I have had a chance to use it. I did see photos of the holder and it looks very nice. Hopefully it will work as good as it looks.

Phil Hudson
16-Mar-2017, 11:59
Thanks Richard - I'll check back with interest.....

Richard Wasserman
25-Apr-2017, 15:37
I received the 4x10 holder a while ago, but life got in the way and I just today had a chance to use it. It is made very nicely, and works perfectly. I have no regrets.

This is my first scanó