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25-Feb-2017, 07:13
Does anyone know how to increase tension on the legs? I picked up one on EBay and it has very floppy legs. I can't seem to tighten the Phillips head screws at the top.

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25-Feb-2017, 08:04
Remove the Phillips head screws, and replace with grade 8 hex head bolts... I think they were something like 8-32 or 10-32, and 1/4 or 3/8 long... A good hardware store has these...

If you have trouble removing them, bring tripod to a good mechanic or machine shop, 'cuz they will know what to do (and might break while removing, and are probably stuck)...

You will then be able to torque the new screws with tools to the right tension...

Good luck!!!

Steve K

25-Feb-2017, 08:23
Thank you!!

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Keith Pitman
25-Feb-2017, 09:49
This site is all about Tiltalls:


You might find some other suggestions.