View Full Version : Praise for Canham Cameras

Peter Lewin
23-Feb-2017, 07:34
[If this is not the appropriate forum, please move.] Yesterday I had the misfortune to break the GG on my Canham DLC 4x5 (combination of an inexpensive QR adaptor, my error in not tightening the knob enough, and then putting the tripod over my shoulder ... ). When I got home I called the number on the K.B. Canham website and left a message about needing a replacement. Keith called back via cell from his car almost immediately and promised to send the replacement the next morning. This alone would have been praiseworthy, but Keith took the time to explain his desire to minimize any downtime for users of his cameras, which was why he responds so quickly to service requests from users who are temporarily out-of-action. I thought this level of concern deserves some publicity.

23-Feb-2017, 07:43
Thanks for your testimonial. I have two Canham wood 5x7s and I am very satisfied. Furthermore Mr. Canham has answered any questions I have had.

Best wishes --- Allen Anway

23-Feb-2017, 07:45
Keith is one of the last LF camera makers and a great guy too, he definitely deserves our support!

23-Feb-2017, 08:51
My 5x7 canham is always a pleasure to work with, solid, square by default... waiting for the TMY-2 order to come in...!

23-Feb-2017, 09:23
Agree, Canham is great to work with and makes some fantastic gear, which reminds me I should use my DLC more often.

Sal Santamaura
23-Feb-2017, 09:40
...waiting for the TMY-2 order to come in...Expect it around tax day in April.

Andrew O'Neill
23-Feb-2017, 11:08
Nothing but good things to say about Keith and his cameras!

William Whitaker
23-Feb-2017, 20:35
Keith really is top shelf, all the way. His camera designs are innovative and practical. Keith's customer support is commendable and beyond reproach.

He has been very helpful to me with some of his products that I actually purchased used. He treated me just as if I were the original owner. That's pretty impressive, I think.