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22-Feb-2017, 18:10
Hi, I admire the ultrawide images I have seen in various portfolios and need specific advice on using such wide angle lenses on a Toyo 45A field camera. Specifically, as the Toyo doesn't have a drop bed, has anyone successfully used a Schneider 47mm f5.6 Super Angulon XL on this camera? I realize that a recessed lens board would also be required but the only recessed Toyo lensboard for the Copal #0 shutter that is equipped on this lens is only 12mm deep. Is this an adequate depth for this lens as the description on the B&H website states it is used for lenses in the 75-90mm range? There is a generic brand lens board listed on Ebay that would fit and comes from China that is 17mm in depth. Would that work? i have the opportunity of buying this lens but there is obviously no point if it simply won't work on this camera. If the answer is a no, what is the widest lens someone has successfully used on this camera? Thanks in advance for your wisdom and input.

23-Feb-2017, 04:32
Well, as far as i know the 45A does have a dropbed, at least mine had. :) I also used it succesfully with a 58 SA XL, mounted on the 12mm recessed lenspanel. The bellows was tight and movements were restricted, but then: this lens doesn't allow for much movements anyway on 4x5. Make sure you get some kind of cable release extension that you can keep mounted on the shutter, as it will be very hard to mount a cable release once the lens is on the panel.

As for the 47mm: i guess it should work with the 17mm board, also because http://www.toyoview.com/Products/45AII/45AII.html states that lenses up to 45mm should work on the 45AII.

23-Feb-2017, 06:21
I can't speak to the Toyo. I've got a Toko that has its shortest bellows at 65mm. I use a 47mm XL with a 15mm recessed board and it works fine. But due to the VERY small iamge circle of the lens, there is VERY little movment I can make -- but that's OK since the camera doesn't allow me much movement at that point, anyway. I do not need to drop the bed since on the Toko you can move the rear stand forward a couple of inches. So if the Toyo rear standard does not move forward, I suspect you would need a dropping bed with the 47mm XL. But be careful, the dropping bed might not drop enough when you are at the minimum bellows extension.

23-Feb-2017, 09:17
Thanks guys, The prompt response is appreciated. I went to the link you provided and you are right, you can drop the bed on this camera by tilting the whole camera forward and downward on the tripod then tilting the camera back and the front standard backwards the 15 degree movement they are both capable of doing. Problem then appears to be solved by utilizing the 17mm recessed board. I am only planning on using this lens to shoot landscapes so I'm hoping the very restricted movements will be adequate. Advice regarding the cable release issue also duly noted. Thanks again for the input.

10-Oct-2017, 21:19
Hi, Just an update for any other Toyo users considering an ultra wide lens. It took awhile but I am finally in possession of the Schneider 47mm f5.6 Super Angulon XL and I am just thrilled with the images it can produce. It fits the Toyo 45A without any issues. The drop bed is low enough to prevent the lens from including the bed in any of my photos (one of my main concerns in not having the opportunity to test drive the lens before purchase) and the use of a 17mm recessed lens board (you can find this item on Ebay) prevents having to scrunch up the bellows to it's max. I bought a Gepe Short Extension #603007 from B&H Photo that screws into the shutter release of the lens and gets around the problem of trying to attach a standard cable release when the lens is mounted in a recessed board. The lens and the Toyo are a great combination.

11-Oct-2017, 19:58
Thanks for the feedback and glad you are enjoying success with the 47mm. I use a 58mm lens on a Toyo 45AII with recessed lens board and shutter release extension, and enjoy it also.

These cameras are very flexible and can handle a range of lenses from 47mm to more than 300mm with the appropriate accessory lens board and extension back.