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21-Feb-2017, 17:05
Hi Everyone,

I've been interested in photography on and off for several years now, and have shot more than my fair share of 35mm and 120. I've recently picked up a Speed Graphic, and am learning the ropes with it.

I've only exposed a couple of frames so far-all of them FP-4+ in D76. I'm still learning my way around handling everything, especially during development, and of course fighting dust!

I have some color film put back, but am waiting first of all for things to green up a bit and second to get a little bit more comfortable with the whole process of sheet film since transparency film is not inexpensive. Given how expensive E6 processing is getting and the fact that there's nowhere local that can handle sheet film, I have also recently decided to make the plunge into E6 at home. I've bought an Arista kit, and am waiting until I get a few rolls of medium format built up to dilute the chemistry and try it.

I'm also keeping my eyes open for some favorite films that seem unavailable in sheet film. Plus-X was probably my favorite B&W film and I've been watching Ebay for some, but can't find any new enough that I feel decent about buying it. I have a nice stash of 35mm Plus-X, but my medium format stash is thin. I do have some Velvia 50(original) in 4x5 also, but again that's another that I can't get in 4x5. I broke down and bought a box of 100, but I've never liked it as well in other formats as I did Velvia 50.

In any case, I have a lot to learn and this site seems to come up in my Google searches regularly. I thought it a good idea to register here.

Alan Gales
22-Feb-2017, 17:57
Hello Ben and welcome to the forum.

I shoot Tri-X. I know that the Ilford film is really popular too. We have to shoot what's available. I miss Kodachrome myself for the smaller formats.


Andrew O'Neill
23-Feb-2017, 11:06
Welcome to the forum, Ben. FP4 is a nice replacement for Plus-X.

Peter Collins
23-Feb-2017, 17:49
Ben, another member saying, "Welcome!"

24-Feb-2017, 03:39
Hello and welcome to this forum. Hope you will get all kinds of help from here.

Greg Davis
25-Feb-2017, 09:21
What part of KY? I'm in Lexington.

Bob Salomon
25-Feb-2017, 09:54
What part of KY? I'm in Lexington.

Still got that Ark out there?

25-Feb-2017, 13:58
What part of KY? I'm in Lexington.

I'm from Frankfort and still do most of my photography around Central KY, but work full time at "the red school" in "the big city."

This was the first frame I exposed in my Speed Graphic


And my second-which inadvertently got my finger in the frame...


John Kasaian
28-Feb-2017, 08:20
Cool photos. Welcome aboard!