View Full Version : Durst CLS 2000 colorhead

16-Feb-2017, 00:03
Hello all, I just left an introduction post since I am new here and I have my first questions already :).

I am waiting for an enlarged Durst 184 with CLS 2000 colorhead,
Does anybody know what brand and model bulb I need to look for ?

Also, does this CLS 2000 colorhead have a manual online somewhere ?

Thank you for your help!

16-Feb-2017, 11:34

16-Feb-2017, 22:26
Thank you Ic-racer :)

Jon Wilson
20-Feb-2017, 10:02
Tried attaching a copy of the Durst CLS 2000 operating manual, but my pdf is too large. Probably not too different than the one Ic-racer provided. Send me a pm with your email and I can email the manual to you.