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16-Feb-2017, 00:03
Hello all, I just left an introduction post since I am new here and I have my first questions already :).

I am waiting for an enlarged Durst 184 with CLS 2000 colorhead,
Does anybody know what brand and model bulb I need to look for ?

Also, does this CLS 2000 colorhead have a manual online somewhere ?

Thank you for your help!

16-Feb-2017, 11:34

16-Feb-2017, 22:26
Thank you Ic-racer :)

Jon Wilson
20-Feb-2017, 10:02
Tried attaching a copy of the Durst CLS 2000 operating manual, but my pdf is too large. Probably not too different than the one Ic-racer provided. Send me a pm with your email and I can email the manual to you.

28-Feb-2018, 08:27

will you please repost this with a link that is current. thanks.


28-Feb-2018, 10:16
The link is current, the photos may not be. The Durst L-184/1840 are fine enlargers. There are issues, though with the electronics (from the 1970's) and the bulb. Since Durst is not supporting their enlargers (they're basically closed), you are probably on your own if/when the electronics need repairs. IC can comment on bulb availability a lot better than I can. If you find a source, please post it so others can stock up.

When I was looking for an 8x10 enlarger, I opted for the DeVere 5108 which uses standard ELH bulbs, 250 Watts at 120v. If the head or power supply dies, you can re-wire it since it's 120v. DeVere is also presently serviced by KHB in Canada and Odyssey sales in the UK. They do stock parts plus I understand the enlargers are presently available new in mainland China. You may not like the repair costs, but at least repairs/parts are available.


The ELH/ENH bulbs can be found NOS at auction for well under $10 ea, and since they are projector bulbs, they are still plentiful. The Chromega F also uses 250 watt projector bulbs albeit at a reduced voltage; and are also plentiful on the used/new market. It has a higher ceiling requirement than the Durst or DeVere, so for me that was a no-go. Just some of the things to weigh when considering a full-sized 8x10 enlarger. Good luck! L

28-Feb-2018, 13:20
Photobucket has made the pictures on the "Durst..." thread invisible. I can't see them either.

The OP asked about the lamps and here is a picture of the Thorn HX27:

28-Feb-2018, 13:49
A Google search reveals some sources, but I suspect the references may be old. L