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15-Feb-2017, 23:53
Hello everybody, I am Paolino and I currently live in Hong Kong, I am learning how to print in the darkroom and I use mainly one F1 4x5 and one P1 8x10 sinar camera. I set up a small darkroom in my place and I am currently waiting for a durst 184 with cls 2000 color head :). I thanks everybody already this forum seems awesome!
Some of my recent work here: https://m.facebook.com/PaolinoMorandi/ .
Ciao ciao!

Andrew O'Neill
16-Feb-2017, 21:48
Welcome to the forum, Paolino!

16-Feb-2017, 22:12
Hello from the Northern Plains of the U.S.! The sun never sets on the large format forum!

Kent in SD

17-Feb-2017, 03:33
Hello Paolino, Welcome to this forum. Hope you will have a great time being here.

Alan Gales
17-Feb-2017, 08:34
Nice work! You should post some of your images in the Image Sharing section of the forum. Welcome, Paolino!

4-Mar-2017, 12:51
Thank you all! I ll try to post some pics soon :)

5-Mar-2017, 08:03
Hello, I am from HK too!

7-Mar-2017, 04:04
Hello and welcome to this forum. Hope you will get all kinds of help from here.

7-Mar-2017, 17:37
I'll be in Hong Kong in a couple weeks. Maybe a get together can be arranged.