View Full Version : Silverfast HDRi Scan Quality Better?

15-Feb-2017, 17:20
This is a two part question. I own Silverfish 8 SE Plus. I like it it for color negative scanning. The profiles are excellent.
My options for scanning are 16 bit grayscale and 48-24bit color. All good.

The other options for scanning include the 32 bit HDRi grayscale for b/w and 48 and 64 HDRi etc.

In order to process the HDRi files Id need to own Silverfast HDR Studio.

The first question.. is the end image quality of lets say a 48bit HDRi scanned file higher than the 48-24 bit option for color negatives? I understand the HDRi file format exists as a type of " RAW " scanning output where corrections etc can be made at a later date, but is the image quality / tonality / sharpness higher?

My second question. Is there anyway to process the HDRi files without Silverfish HDR Studio? Ive attempted this in photoshop but the results were poor. I also wouldn't be able to benefit from Silverfasts profiling which is applied to the HDRi files in HDR Studio.


Jeff T
15-Feb-2017, 23:01
The main advantage for having 48HDR files is the ability to make all the adjustments including dust removal at a later time, and the same file in 48HDR is not better than 48-24bit in terms of image quality,tonality, and sharpness, but the 48bit has more data and much larger file size than a 24bit file. You need to have Silverfast Studio to access 48-HDR files. If the SilverfastSE options are all good as you stated then carry on as before.