View Full Version : Hitech Filter System

14-Feb-2017, 13:52
I currently use a 150mm lens (49mm) filter thread and a 90mm lens (82mm) thread and I am thinking that a square filter system would be the best route as I already have the holder and required step down rings.

The ones I am looking at are Hitech (see link below) and would value any advice before making the purchase.


15-Feb-2017, 17:08
I use a the Hitech (aka Formatt, Lucroit) system. I don't own any of their B&W filters but I have a set of their grad filters that seem pretty good. I don't use them that often.

You can use any other 100mm square filters in there as well Lee etc.

I only bought the largest size I needed (77mm) and which I'd just bought the two other sizes of adapter for the holder, they don't cost much. Fiddling with step down rings is annoying.

15-Feb-2017, 19:36
Do some research on Haida filters; they've been moving up in the filter world and are apparently the most color-neutral of all the big brands out there.