View Full Version : Printing Issue with Epson 9600

13-Feb-2017, 11:17
I've been trying to resurrect an Epson 9600 and I'm down to one last issue. When I try to print an image the image appears to shift by a 16th of an inch ever time the printhead passes over. I've tried cleaning the encoder strip and sensor on the printhead. Is there something else I'm missing? Any suggestions?161179

13-Feb-2017, 11:35
Have you tried turning off bi-directional printing in the driver

24-Mar-2017, 22:07
There's a clearish strip that runs the length of the printer that the top rear of the print head glides along. It has magnetic information on it that tells the print head where it's located as it passes back and forth. Make sure that it is clean and not loose. Also make sure the sensor on the head that reads that strip is clean. This stuff is kind of fragile, so don't scratch it. Also make sure the rollers that feed the paper are clean and not damaged and the paper is loaded straight.

Michael Rosenberg
26-Mar-2017, 08:09
Have you tried calibrating the printer for the paper thickness? Also, you may need to adjust the vacuum. Have you locked down the printer legs?


Thad Gerheim
26-Mar-2017, 08:38
After my Canon iPF 8400 arrived, I solved my Epson 9900 issues with a 16 pound sledge hammer. There was a lot of little pieces to haul to the dump. That was maybe a little overkill, a 3 pound hammer would have worked fine!

27-Jul-2017, 21:39
or call it part of your work flow an see if it sells more prints ;)