View Full Version : How to attach fresnel lens in holder to ground glass on Sinar F.

6-Feb-2017, 09:25

I did create a post (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?136773-WTB-Sinar-Fresnel-Lens-Holder-(holder-only)) in the Wanted section as I think I need a part or component for my Sinar.

I thought I had a fresnel with no holder, when I went back to check my photos, I do have a holder but no means of attaching the lens to the ground glass.

See below.


Anyone know what I am missing, do I just need a holder with the clips as seen here:

Or is there some adapter I need, or have I got a lens which won't fit my Sinar (although I thought they were pretty much backwards compatible).

Jim Noel
6-Feb-2017, 10:29
That frame snapped right on a Norma. Don't know about later models.

27-Feb-2017, 07:12

OK. So I had a look at the Sinar's at my local University (they are slightly more modern than mine).

As per the image here:

There is a small pin/clip at the base of the GG which allows users to snap the fresnel into place. Mine does not have this clip, so I still don't know how to attach.