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Tri Tran
6-Feb-2017, 08:52
Please visit my redesigned website with all my recent works and photos.Thanks for checking.

bob carnie
6-Feb-2017, 09:00
Hi Tri

from you website ** Pigment ink technology is used because of their proven decades long longevity. The print is placed on water color paper. Because of their longevity, the process is often called “archival” pigment printing.

What process are you referring too here inkjet prints?

Peter De Smidt
6-Feb-2017, 09:01
It loaded quickly for me. The design is clean and effective. Nice job!

Bruce Barlow
6-Feb-2017, 10:25
Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures. Most well done!

Christopher Barrett
6-Feb-2017, 10:45
I liked it overall, and of course you have some great images. I wonder how you're digitizing the work, though? The platinum prints feel really contrasty to me, like you're losing a lot of what is beautiful about the medium. Also, You might reconsider grouping your work by process, it makes it seem like the medium is more important than the images. It does make it easier to navigate your different printing processes, but I feel like it undermines your vision as an artist.

My two cents...


6-Feb-2017, 13:13
Beautiful and varied presentation of images.
I especially liked the different process types presented on the home page.

Regarding "About the Artist" - The text column extends far down the page, below where the image ends. It feels a bit awkward IMHO. You might consider a different template for that page to accommodate the image and text more comfortably.

Merg Ross
6-Feb-2017, 22:30
Not to comment on your website design, but your work is marvelous. Well seen, captured and presented. Bravo!


hendrik faure
7-Feb-2017, 10:48
Not to comment on your website design, but your work is marvelous. Well seen, captured and presented. Bravo!

thatīs it!

Concerning design: on my screen (iMac) the gondola photograph in "prints" looks oversaturated. When i drive the mouse over it, it looks paler, more natural.
But this is high level complaining. If you want to see a really bad website, look at mine (better do not)

Tri Tran
9-Feb-2017, 23:52
Thank you for all your feedback.

Barry Kirsten
11-Feb-2017, 15:17
A master of the photographic art. Always a pleasure to look at your wonderful work, Tri.

Jim Noel
11-Feb-2017, 16:22
Nice site Tri. Having seen the original work, I have to disagree with Christopher concerning the platinum prints. The originals have a magnificent tonal range.Perhaps his monitor is adding contrast to them for some reason.

Ben Horne
9-May-2017, 22:04
The site looks good to me. I also use squarespace, and I think they are a great host. My only suggestion would be to not write the bio page in third person. It feels very disconnected since we know you are writing about yourself.

Tri Tran
8-Jun-2017, 09:33
Thanks Ben for the input.
Here's my new blog from my recent shot. Enjoy .