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Darkroom Student
4-Feb-2017, 17:18
Hello, I have recently come to a facility that has a Durst L184 enlarger. I tried using it and everything works, except the enlarger head will not move up or down. It does have a motor to move the head, and I have check all the wiring and nothing seems to be unplugged or what not. When I press the button on the remote to signal the enlarger head the motor runs but nothing moves. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to fix this problem. I am a student and no one in the facility I am using know anything about this beautiful beast, no one has used it in a long time and was a gift to the facility. Please help me fix this enlarger, thank you!

4-Feb-2017, 18:01
If the motor runs but the head doesn't move the plastic gear might be stripped. It's on the end of the motor shaft that fits into the enlarger part that holds the head and turns the gear around the stainless threaded shaft between the two posts. Remove the motor and check it. IC chime in!

4-Feb-2017, 21:25
I have almost no information on the accessory motors for the L184 or L138. I do know if the counterbalance spring is broken the motor probably won't lift it. This is unlike the L1840, which has no counterbalance. It has a worm drive.

Maybe Drew can chime it?


5-Feb-2017, 04:57
I'll post photos when I get home. Is it the Hemot motor? Below is a shot of the Hemot on the right side of the L-184 chasis. The next two show the business end of the Hemot with the plastic gear that often fails. He hemot is attached by one bolt. I would take out the hemot and check the condition of the plastic gear. L


10-Feb-2017, 16:36
I found this picture on my hard drive.

10-Feb-2017, 21:23
I found this picture on my hard drive.

Yup missing the plastic gear. Without it, it won't move. Probably the OP's problem!