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2-Feb-2017, 16:32
Question for anyone with access to one of these

If I want to use it with a regular p2 rear standard does it have shift detents for formats other than 8x10?

From photos I've seen there is only a white dot for the shift and that's in the standard 0 position, so I'm assuming it's meant to be used only with the special heavy duty 8x10 p2 rear bearer

To zero it with the normal p2 rear bearer and an 8x10 back would it need to be shifted nearly all the way to the left? And if so did Sinar happen to include a detent for that position?

I use a regular p 8x10 back as the p2 metering back is much larger and offers me no advantage, but the regular p2 front bearer doesn't offer enough direct rise for 8x10 whereas the special bearer does

Peter De Smidt
2-Feb-2017, 17:00
On my P2 4x5, there are detents and dots for 4x5, and dots for the other formats. I use it as both a 4x5 and 8x10. The special standard would give more movement range, but I've had plenty for what I've done.

2-Feb-2017, 17:13
The special front standard appears to have only more rise, while the shift looks to be the same.

My question is specifically about the shift movements and 0 detents of that standard

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2-Feb-2017, 17:58
You don't need large shifts or tilts on a monorail, since you can accomplish that by re-orienting the base rail.

- Leigh

2-Feb-2017, 18:01

Still I'm asking for actual experience

I've been using Sinar cameras for 25 years, I'm familiar with them and most monorails

I'm specifically asking about this one part of their system from people who have one or have used it.

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2-Feb-2017, 18:04
Pardon me for living.

Your experience was not obvious from your question.

And I've been using view cameras for 57 years. So what?

- Leigh

2-Feb-2017, 18:17
My apologies Leigh

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2-Feb-2017, 18:19
I tried to be as clear in my question as possible

I'm very familiar with view cameras and Sinars

I just would like information about this one specific piece

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Peter De Smidt
2-Feb-2017, 18:26

2-Feb-2017, 18:31
Thanks Peter

I was under the impression from your first reply you did not have the special front standard from the 810 p2

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2-Feb-2017, 19:04
Ok, my question and replies seem to be rubbing some people the wrong way. All apologies and sorry if I haven't been clear in stating my question.

I'm really only asking for actual user experience with the Sinar Special Front Standard for the 8x10 p2

I have a standard p2 and am very familiar with it but have no access to the Special Front Standard

I would like to use one with my setup (standard p2 with a p 8x10 back) so I could have more direct rise available. Up until now when I've needed more rise I've used indirect rise. I prefer direct rise.

I know the Special Standard will give me the extra direct rise, what I don't know is how the shift is set up on this Special Standard, and if there are additional 0 detents in the shift as there are in the regular front standard

There are users on this board who own and/or have experience with both "real" 8x10 p2's (special front and rear bearers) and regular p2's