View Full Version : Jollylook - The First Cardboard Vintage Instant Camera!

Randy Moe
31-Jan-2017, 21:42
Again not my project. :)

BUT This is hilarious. From Ukraine, a way cool cardboard camera and Instax Film.

Cheapest camera fix ever.


Thanks Eric Bergstrom!

Randy Moe
2-Feb-2017, 11:26
I now see a problem perhaps.

They initially needed $15K USD, they now have $85K USD in 3 days.

Hope they can scale up manufacturing, as the have 28 more days to collect cash.

Let's speculate on how much they collect.

At this rate, they could score $1 Million USD.

Why didn't I think of this!

Oren Grad
2-Feb-2017, 12:13
I wonder how many are seeing this not as a cardboard camera but as the cheapest way to get an Instax Mini back that's readily hackable for other projects.

2-Feb-2017, 12:47
I wonder how many are seeing this not as a cardboard camera but as the cheapest way to get an Instax Mini back that's readily hackable for other projects.

That metal roller and crank could perhaps be hacked into a back built out of more sturdy material. The cardboard back could serve as a dimensional guide for construction. The lens focal length, 110mm, is too long (narrow angle) corresponding to the angle of view of a 60mm lens on 35mm. Fine for portraits but too long for confined spaces. Note that the focal length of the Fuji and Leica cameras that take the Instax Mini film are 60mm. The diagonal of the mini image is 77mm. That said, my immediate reaction was 'I want one', especially at the backer price.
I know, I know, Kickstarter projects are not 'stores' and the backer dollar amounts are not the 'price' for the product. Still, I will probably take a chance and back it.

Randy Moe
3-Feb-2017, 06:23
Yep, this is going to the Moon.

Just passed $110K inside 3 days, 28 days to go.

They have now opened stretch goals with backer only voting at $100K, $250K and $500K.

Study this phenomenon. I am.

5-Feb-2017, 20:32
Well, although I said I wanted it......I still fought with myself.
Until I was gone for a few hours and the missus started to nose around on my computer (mine is a PC, hers is Macbook)
Usually, with any photographic purchase it's 'why do you want that?' 'watcha gonna do with it?' and 'don't you already have three of those?'
This time, 'It's cute, get it!'
So now I'm #2811

I'm going to ask them if, after they fill all the backer requirements they will consider also selling just the metal bracket with rollers and crank. For the DIY crowd. Which am me and a bunch of other folks on this forum.

Jeff T
5-Feb-2017, 21:54
It would be more exiting if they offer an Instax Wide option. I hope the gears are made of metal rather than plastic. No onboard flash is fine but I hope they offer a sync port.

Will Frostmill
6-Feb-2017, 04:22
I'm pretty interested. Particularly for finding out what they made the bellows out of! If I could figure out some cheap cardboard bellows that actually were light tight...

7-Feb-2017, 21:53
This is still going nuts. Added 600+ more backers in 48 hours. Responding to a question by a backer they said the cameras will be made in China. I would imagine they will be shipped to backers from there but don't know for sure. For those undecided they are rapidly running out of the $38 option, next price will be $41 for 1 camera and 1 film pack.
As an aside, when I backed it the shipping charge shows up, it is $10 to the US, just FYI.

Don't think it will reach $1mil but $500K, yeah, that could happen. That would be about 13K cameras, they are at almost 5K now.

Edit: 2/8/17 Well sometime over the last 24 hours they added a $39 reward option, that should take care of the singles for the rest of the campaign.

1-Mar-2017, 12:10
Down to the wire, less than two days.
Just found out the bracket with the developing rollers has a removable crank and can be lifted right out of the camera without damage and reinstalled later.
Intend to make a camera that will use a 75mm f6.3 Novar from a 6X6 Nettar. Lens in shutter with front element focusing to 1 meter, built out of 1/8in hobby plywood.
Will resemble a 'box camera.
Well, that's my plan anyway.

Randy Moe
16-Nov-2017, 14:54
Good update today.

It's moving along and they have done a lot.

But they got 20,000 wrong lenses, so a bit of a delay.

My third 'affordable' camera...

Oren Grad
16-Nov-2017, 15:42
Pesky Fresnel... :)

Looking forward to it!

16-Nov-2017, 22:56
Except for a few crabby folks most backers seem to on board and very understanding of the delay. I just hope I can extract that film holder/development module cleanly so I can make my own instant picture camera. I think they could sell a goodly number of just that module to DIY types, of which I am one.