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31-Jan-2017, 14:56
Yesterday was my second day out with the 4 x 5 and it was a nightmare.
I went to a beach with a bunch of dead trees. I found a fantastic spot but I had the wrong bellows on. So I had to walk back to the car and change the bellows. I then went back and got set up but this time I forgot the frigging loap that I left in the car. Back to the car got the lope Sandles covered in sh!t, wife bitching why it was taking so long and why my shoes are covered in shit. Anyway eventually I got the picture. Went back to the car packed everything ready for the next location, started the car and the dashboard lit up like a frigging Christmas tree with PSM faught, ABS fault, hand brake fault....... every frigging thing fault. I limped the car back to the garage 60 miles away and now I'm sat there while they are fault finding............ f@ck I need a beer........... picture to follow :( :(

31-Jan-2017, 14:57
As a follow up to yesterdays escapades
Dust Dust Dust...........
Well on Monday I loaded 6 holders with 12 sheets of film 4 x color and 8 B&W, somewhere along the line I screwed up the loading and I have serious amounts of dust on my negs (its on the neg not the scanner)..........anyway, no big deal, its part of the learning process. I will go out today and shoot the remaining 10 shots, I guess full of dust, hopefully get the exposure right (the one below is a mile off) and keep learning............theres one thing I like to think I am good at and that is learning by my mistakes

Pictures to follow :) :) :)

31-Jan-2017, 15:49
I have only one thing to say... you are of the type that will punch through and succeed. Tough and resilient.

Two qualities that are most needed to be into LF photography - plus some practical troubleshooting skills.

You give me encouragement at least !

31-Jan-2017, 17:11
Clean your holders every time before loading...

31-Jan-2017, 17:32
(1) I forgot the frigging loap that I left in the car. Back to the car got the lope Sandles covered in sh!t, (2) wife bitching why it was taking so long (

1. I've done that a few times, but rather going back for the loupe I simply use another lens as a magnifier.

2. Taking wife along when doing LF--beginner's mistake #2.

Kent in SD

Maris Rusis
31-Jan-2017, 17:32
Think positive/negative. Dust on the film after loading and during exposure delivers black spots in the positive image. You have dust in the imaging system after exposure and development. A dusty negative in an enlarger, a dusty negative on a clean scanner, a clean negative on a dusty scanner, or dusty on dusty, all yield white spots in the positive image. A clean-up should save the day.

Mark Sawyer
31-Jan-2017, 18:03
Yesterday was my second day out with the 4 x 5 and it was a nightmare...

Some people say "welcome to the club" when you buy a 4x5 camera. I think three or four more days like that and we can more honestly say "welcome to the club"... :)

31-Jan-2017, 22:48
Stick with it...
You will learn from your mistakes. You will succeed.

A few things I learned early on...
Be methodical in your approach to LF whether exposing, developing or printing
Don't be sloppy in the darkroom (or anywhere else, for that matter)
Follow instructions and procedures carefully - keep notes
Develop your own pattern of working and workflows - checklists may help

Lastly, remember to avoid mistake #2

Things will fall into place - eventually - it all depends on you.

1-Feb-2017, 11:15
Okay thats more like it

Kevin Crisp
1-Feb-2017, 11:24
Only once have I had dust problems anywhere near as bad as that. It was an 8X10 Ansco, I didn't blow out the bellows thoroughly after purchase and before use.

1-Feb-2017, 12:07
Okay thats more like it
Certainly is, very handsome!

1-Feb-2017, 12:18
what was wrong with the car?

1-Feb-2017, 14:11
Just pour hypo in the coolant - that'll fix it!

<grin, duck, run very very fast>