View Full Version : Will bent cocking/aperture levers affect operation of shutters?

31-Jan-2017, 10:30
I went to pick up 3 & 4 month-old orders from my PO box yesterday. When I arrived it appeared that US customs, or USPS, had ravaged one of my boxes. It was clear that the package had been dropped off a truck or something, and US customs agents jumbled all the components before sealing it up after inspection. Unfortunately, this was the box loaded with lenses.

Every single one of them has at least one bent lever. I've listened to the shutters and they sound crisp enough when fired. The levers move smoothly, as well. I'm concerned that the shock of bending the levers may have damaged mechanisms inside, in such a way that it is not plain to the eyes and ears of a layman like myself.

Can anyone attest to the ruggedness of Copal shutters? Are they easily damaged by things like this? I can include some pictures of the bent shutter levers for better context.

I'm already in the process of claiming the insurance on the package, but I'd like to know what can be salvaged here.

Kevin Crisp
31-Jan-2017, 10:40
You can gentle straighten the levers, they can handle that. I've used needle nose pliers for that. Obviously not something you want to do multiple times. If they work fine and don't scrape or hang up, you could just use them.