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Michael Graves
31-Jan-2017, 08:13
Apparently my neck wasn't the only thing I broke in my latest trip. When my wife pulled my Toyo 810M from its case, the ground glass was broken. Looking at the back, it appears that there are two different planes onto which a ground glass can be mounted. One is seated deeper than the other, and has slightly smaller dimensions. Obviously the plane of focus will only fall on one or the other. When I order my new glass, do I ask for one sized for the smaller and more deep seated plane or one for the outer plane, which is farther away from where the film holder will sit? Apparently the original configuration included a fresnel. I just want a good ground glass.

Michael Graves
31-Jan-2017, 08:21
Apparently, Dragon thought I was talking about the Wizard of Oz when I dictated the title for this.

31-Jan-2017, 11:31

I recommend calling Toyo service. Julio is no longer there but one of the camera techs should be able to answer your question. I have the service manual for the 810M which Julio had emailed to me. On page 4 it shows the back with the GG with the footnote When servicing the Camera Back, please see figure 6-6a of the Toyo-View 810-G parts catalogue, as it is identical.


31-Jan-2017, 11:40
IIRC, you use the larger area, the clips might not work as well when using the recessed part of the frame.

Yep, this photo confirms it:

https://c1.staticflickr.com/8/7354/15786979983_2864b22f6e_k.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/q43p94)

31-Jan-2017, 12:03
I imagine that the deeper seating with the smaller dimensions is for a fresnel lens. Toyo didn't supply one for its 8x10 cameras but recommended certain manufactures if a fresnel was desired.


Michael Graves
31-Jan-2017, 12:38
Wonderful. Thanks, everyone. I now feel safe in ordering a ground glass.