View Full Version : Recommendation on lightbox for viewing transparencies?

31-Jan-2017, 05:27
Can anyone recommend an affordable lightbox for viewing slides?

There is a bunch of LED stuff on eBay that is quite cheap? It's labeled as tracing box, or dental Xray box etc... Not sure about evenness and color temp on these???

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31-Jan-2017, 05:32
As an alt-lightbox, I got one of these and made a box for it:

The light seems quite even. It says the color temp is 4000k, but I don't know how accurate that is. It's dimmable, which I like.

Bob Salomon
31-Jan-2017, 06:29
There are a few things that are important for a light box for photography, especially for viewing and judging color slides.
1: Kelvin temperature, 5000K.
2: Color Rendition Index (CRI) must be 95+
3: evenness from edge to edge no corner to corner.
4: out put in lumens. It takes too much light to judge a X-ray as compared to a slide. It takes too little light to do a tracing then to judge proper highlight to shadow ratios in a negative or transparency.

Buy a proper photographic illumination. Or don't waste your money.

31-Jan-2017, 10:49
About 15 years ago I bought one of these that had the 5000K bulbs:

It's still working.


2-Mar-2017, 02:38
Photos attached are of Porta-Trace 11X18 light panel.
Second one is unmanipulated, to show luminance difference, both light boxes are on.
In reality, you will not going to see that magnitude of difference. You may see lesser difference.
The upper part, is of a Kaiser fluorescent tube light box.
Yes, maybe lighter weight, but it's condensed in the thin panel. Still more portable than classical light box.
I'm using my old Kaiser light box for judging my negatives because its hanged vertical on the wall of my darkroom(fixed) and it did not break.
The panel IMO is enough to examin films specially if you unify your viewing to the panels only.
Hope this useful.