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30-Jan-2017, 13:10
I purchased one holder a year or so ago with the intention of fashioning an adapter back for my 8X10 camera so I could use this holder to shoot trimmed down X-ray film, with the end result being cyanotype prints.
The holder is (I assume) a plate holder but it came with some DIY inserts so I can shoot film.

Anyway, I have not gotten very far in my efforts (I have gotten no where).

I am sort of rethinking before I even begin and I need some advice: Since I won't be able to buy any (X-ray) film in this format I would have to buy large and trim down. Naturally, I would want to minimize waste.

What size of film, if any, is available for trimming to 8.5X15"?

And if no film will work, is there a B&W printing paper size that would be a good idea to try for making paper negs?

In other words, if there is no manufactured light sensitive material that I could use in this holder, why go through the effort of fabricating a back for my camera (questions I should have asked myself before purchasing the holder in the first place)...

30-Jan-2017, 13:40
hahahaha - exactly how all my 'projects' start

good luck in your quest


Paul Ewins
30-Jan-2017, 16:06
Looks like FP4 was cut to that size in the last Ilford run. There was also a special order run done in Europe but I can't recall the name of the manufacturer. My current plan is to cut 14 x 17 x-ray film into two 14 x 8.5 sheets.

30-Jan-2017, 18:09
Thanks Paul - looks like that will be the direction I go - 14X17 X-ray film.

18-Jul-2017, 07:57
Thoughts on building an extension back for my 8X10 so I can use this holder:

I fabricated a ground-glass back out of cardboard, taped a 4X5" ground-glass in the center and cut small corners out at the 15" mark so I could look thru them to see how the lens coverage looked.



I have two lenses that look like they will cover this format at infinity:

Apo-Nikkor 450mm (17.5")
Seems to easily cover this format, though I have no idea what the image circle is.
When focused at infinity the aperture is perfectly round in the corners at f/16 ground-glass back has to be about 8.5 from rear standard to avoid any vignetting when focused at max bellows extension which should enable focusing as close as about 6-8' from subject.

B&L 11X14 1c (15.5 / 395mm)
Looks like it will cover at infinity, but aperture is perfectly round when viewed thru the corners only at minimum aperture of f/32.

My plan is to make the back out of plywood. I will also fabricate a ground-glass mounted in a removable frame so that it is inserted and removed just like the film holder.

I will be shooting X-ray film and / or paper negatives. As for X-ray film, either 7X17 cut down to 7X15 - or - 14X17 cut down to 8.5X14

I welcome any input or ideas - I am anxious to get started...all because of that damn 7X17 thread in the image sharing section...