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29-Jan-2017, 15:35
Okay so here is my first 4 x 5 .......I know its a boring picture but its just trying to help me understand all the fiddly bits of shooting 4 x 5 Large format.
I am also learning a new Scanner the Epson Perfection V850 using both Vuescan and Silverfast.
The first scan is with Vuescan


Second with Silverfast SE


The first thing I noticed is loads and loads of dust....not sure if its from the loading or from the camera but there was a bunch of dust. The exposure wasn't to bad, I would have liked to have been maybe a 1/2 a stop more under but seeing as it was my first attempt I am happy with the result
I'm looking forward to going out in the field and get some real shots

Below is the final image shot at f8 1/8 ISO 100


29-Jan-2017, 17:13
Looks great! Keep the images coming!

29-Jan-2017, 17:17
White dust is from scanning. Dark dust is from the camera or film holders.

Renato Tonelli
29-Jan-2017, 17:18
Excellent start.
As for the dust, take a look at the negative with a strong loupe to see if it's there. I have a feeling it was on the scanner.

29-Jan-2017, 18:32
Try using a blower and a microfiber cloth on the scanner and the blower on the negative before scanning. That'll help.

29-Jan-2017, 20:19
Quite respectable first exposure - congratulations!

30-Jan-2017, 01:30
I always make sure to first shake out my dark bag and then clean out the film holders with a soft brush, i noticed it really helped with dust in negatives.

MultiFormat Shooter
30-Jan-2017, 20:21
...the final image shot at f8 1/8 ISO 100

Nice, I really like the tonality!

30-Jan-2017, 21:29
You're off to a good start.

Kent in SD

30-Jan-2017, 21:34
Below is the final image shot at f8 1/8 ISO 100
I'm inclined to like the second image better than the final.
It has more detail in the highlights, separating the wall from the window.

Good shots in any case. Keep it up. Hope to see more.

- Leigh

30-Jan-2017, 21:40
Great results for your fist shot. Congratulations!