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28-Jan-2017, 16:42
Dear all, next week I will be in Bostom MA (I am from Sao Paulo - Brazil). I would appreciate tips and ideas about museums, private collections, books, stores and whatever places of interest about Photography, specially history and LF. I spared one day to fly to Rochester and visit the George Eastman Museum. rgds WL

28-Jan-2017, 17:30
Visit the Art Galleries on Newbury St.

If you do get up to Rochester and visit the George Eastman House, call ahead to get permission to visit the collection of photographs stored in their flat files.

28-Jan-2017, 18:10
Boston Museum of Fine Art has an Imogen Cunningham exhibit going right now. Not photography, but they also have an exhibit of modern painting which includes 5 artists that were exhibited by Alfred Stieglitz at 291.
Norwood Historical Society is out of F Holland Day's house, but seems to be closed this time of year.
a 20-30 minute communter train ride will take you to Winchester, which if you're shopping for some history has the Lee Gallery, which has a huge amount of valuable historic photographic artwork.

Parking/Driving in Boston is not easy. I have often parked at a T station in a suburb and used public transportation (train and subway) to get around.

28-Jan-2017, 18:26
go to gallery NAGA it is at the bottom ( towards the garden ) of newbury street --- it includes work by David Prifti.
he was a master of light, and emulsion ( wet plate and dry/ emulsion), and a wonderful person.
his work is sublime.

29-Jan-2017, 17:40
Thank you guys, I will for sure check it all !! WL

Oren Grad
29-Jan-2017, 18:31
Visit the Art Galleries on Newbury St.

There's almost nothing left on Newbury St. The galleries have moved elsewhere - the South End, South Boston or beyond.

31-Jan-2017, 06:59
IMNSHO, Newbury street was always an over-rated touristy destination in general. But that NAGA/Prifti exhibit sounds interesting.

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is well worth a visit. If you are going to take a ride to Winchester, it would be a crime to miss the Griffin Museum of Photography.

Boston has lots of good history, especially around stuff like the Freedom Trail (walking trail in Boston about the American Revolution). The local mecca for large-format in the area might be CatLABS, they have a large contingent of large-format folks as clients.


Eric Woodbury
31-Jan-2017, 10:29
I heard there are good things over at the MIT museum now. I'm not from the area, so I know nothing, but somebody here probably has the details. Happy trails. Should be fun.


31-Jan-2017, 15:49
The Phillips Academy Addison Gallery in Andover has an exhibition of Ansel Adam's photographs of the Manzanar War Relocation. Not the typical AA subject. Andover is about 30 minutes north of downtown.


Neal Chaves
31-Jan-2017, 16:26
Just up Commonwealth Ave. from Kenmore Square (the famous CITGO sign) and near Fenway Park is the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University.

1-Feb-2017, 04:25
Store-wise, Catlabs of JP is there.