View Full Version : Chamonix 8x10 dark slide dimensions?

28-Jan-2017, 06:51
Could a Chamonix 8x10 film holder user please measure the dimensions of the dark slide?

Follow-up question: can anyone with both Chamonix and Toyo 8x10 holders say whether the dark slides are interchangeable? I assume not, but you never know.

Many thanks.

Christopher Barrett
28-Jan-2017, 09:15
I've only got the Chammy, but here are the specs...

12" long (not including tab)
8 3/8" wide
0.035" Thick

28-Jan-2017, 16:09
Thank you very much for the measurements. Just for comparison, the Toyo is 8 5/8" wide and 11 7/8" long.