View Full Version : Best way to clean resin filters?

28-Jan-2017, 04:42
I have a bunch of resin filters that I would like sparkly clean again.

What is best practise in cleaning them?

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Daniel Stone
28-Jan-2017, 10:31
I've used comfortably warm/very warm water and mild dish soap(Dawn) on mine. Rinsed with warm distilled water. Dried by placing them, standing up, on a paper towel leaning up against the backsplash around the sink.

Rub very gently using your fingers only. Make sure to wash your hands before washing the filters, to make sure there's no extra dirt/grime.


28-Jan-2017, 16:35
Thnx Daniel. I have tried this with one and so far might be the way to go. I have been using just the standard mild hand wash soap. But was wondering how to get the "baked on" stubborn grime off it?

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28-Jan-2017, 16:58
If the "stubborn grime" is actually light scratching or hazing, you could probably try a plastic polish, like the stuff they sell to renew headlights. I'd try it on an inexpensive filter to test...