View Full Version : Please, need your help! Can you advise online retouching service?

Saimon Dude
26-Jan-2017, 13:14
There are many RAW photos which would be good to post-process a little, and some of them ask for High-End editing. The trouble is that such popular services of picture post-processing as [links removed] refused to take my pictures or demanded too much time on post-production! What service you would like to use in such situation? The question of money isn't so important!

26-Jan-2017, 14:49
Saimon, I think the reason no one else has answered your question is it's unclear what you are trying to accomplish. Please describe in detail your situation, what you are doing, steps you've taken, problems you've encountered, to help us help you.

26-Jan-2017, 15:07
Post a link your problematic image. We cannot help without it.

I add that a couple years ago someone posted the same message asking
for help retouching. He collected participant's outcomes and vanished,
IMHO, making a fool of all of us as he presented the best outcome to a client.

Your low participation rate does not deserve another response.

Liquid Artist
26-Jan-2017, 22:59
Most people on this board are more hands on when it comes to our photography, so we may not know where to go.

However as someone that used to work in a lab, and do photo touchups and restoratons here is my $0.02 worth.

Our labs name was on every product that we touched up. So if it didn't meet our standards it didn't get printed. At times a photo only required a couple minutes work, but there were also times that a historic photo required several days to restore.
We did turn down work from some so called wedding and grad photographers, giving them directions to Walmart.

Without seeing a sample I would guess that you may find someone working out of their home on Craigslist willing to take on the job, but I wouldn't count on a business catering to professionals and advanced amateurs.

27-Jan-2017, 10:25
Wrong forum?

24-Feb-2017, 03:42
I would suggest you to search in Google with your required service, there you will get lots of options. The best thing is to verify them by your ownself.

17-May-2017, 13:54
Why did they refuse to take pictures? That's strange...

17-May-2017, 14:15
Why did they refuse to take pictures? That's strange...

Perhaps the key is in his post as "or".

refused to take my pictures or demanded too much time on post-production

Too much time? Is he objecting to their work on an impossibly messed-up image?

Oh, his post was a one-shot, a drive-by. Sorry I did not ignore. I leave it up as a note for others.

3-Aug-2017, 13:25
Look here https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/top-25-photo-editing-services-reviews-jennifer-mulrow
She wrote nice about retouching services. Maybe someone can help. I think it is not a problem to find retouching service.