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Richard Wasserman
26-Jan-2017, 10:52
I recently completed a project photographing the Pullman neighborhood of Chicago and put together a website for it. Please take a look— https://pullmanphotos.com/

Pullman is an historical area that began as a company town for the Pullman Palace Car Company owned by George Pullman. It manufactured and operated railroad cars—most famously sleeper and dining cars It became very significant to the Labor and Civil Rights Movements of the 19th and 20th centuries. It recently was designated a National Monument

Randy Moe
26-Jan-2017, 11:23
Nice work Richard. I vastly prefer B&W for this sort of imaging.

I have never been there, despite 50 years in Chicago.

I am surprised by your website comment, "It is one of the friendliest and most welcoming areas I have photographed...".

I did not expect that reaction.

Keep it coming!

26-Jan-2017, 11:53
Wonderful work, Richard. Thank you for sharing these.

Andy Eads
26-Jan-2017, 12:06
Nicely done! Thanks for sharing your work with us.

26-Jan-2017, 12:27
Great job, Richard. I was going to document the historic buildings of Cairo before they are demolished, but got sidelined. Kudos!


Richard Wasserman
26-Jan-2017, 13:30
Thanks all!

Randy, Pullman is quite interesting. Many of the residents have a firm understanding of its historical importance and are happy to share their experiences with strange photographers. I met people who have lived there almost 50 years and treasure the fact that it is a community made up of people from varied ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. It's a unique place.

Kirk Gittings
26-Jan-2017, 15:57
I fondly remember this work when you showed it to my SAIC students last summer. Good for you!

don mishler
26-Jan-2017, 17:37
Very inspiring

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26-Jan-2017, 17:57
Excellent work. Beautifully displayed.
Enjoyed seeing the website.

Mark Sampson
26-Jan-2017, 18:53
Well done Mr. Wasserman. Took one quick look through the photos, but I will go back to study them. It's obvious that they run deep. Thanks!

Richard Wasserman
27-Jan-2017, 09:56
Thank you all for your kind words—they are greatly appreciated

David Karp
27-Jan-2017, 18:56
Thanks Richard. That was very enjoyable. I grew up in the Chicago area, but never made it to the Pullman neighborhood.

Andrew O'Neill
27-Jan-2017, 19:16
Very nice work, Richard. Enjoyed looking at them immensely.

27-Jan-2017, 22:25
That's a great project, thanks for sharing it.



28-Jan-2017, 08:11
Great work! I like the variety of views.

David Schaller
28-Jan-2017, 09:25
Thank you Richard. Tremendous work.

28-Jan-2017, 10:09
Well done! There are so many 4x5 B/W images floating around the net that it can be hard to sift through them all an find the gems, but you've created a lot of those "gems" within this single body of work. It was a pleasure to view.

22-Apr-2017, 20:03
I saw these a few months back but only joined the forum now. I admire your treatment of utility poles, rainwater leaders, lamp posts, etc. Nice work.

Richard Wasserman
22-Apr-2017, 20:52
I saw these a few months back but only joined the forum now. I admire your treatment of utility poles, rainwater leaders, lamp posts, etc. Nice work.

Thank you very much!