View Full Version : Epson V800 - VueScan - MAC OSX Question

24-Jan-2017, 08:02
If I leave the scanner turned on, after a period of time it appears to enter a sleep mode.

To wake it up, I have to turn the scanner off and then back on again via the switch at the front.

Once it has woken up, I have to then quit and restart VueScan, if not, I just end up with a curser going round and round and round on the screen.

Does anyone else find this with MAC OSX ?

Keith Pitman
24-Jan-2017, 09:20
That's the way it works with mine.

24-Jan-2017, 09:25
That's the way it works with mine.

Thanks Keith for the confirmation. Its a little annoying but guess something we have to live with