View Full Version : Recessed lens board for Chamonix 8x10

22-Jan-2017, 16:29
I want to use my 120mm Nikkor on my 8x10 Chamonix. At the camera's minimum extension, I still need to get the lens closer to the film for infinity focus. Acquired a recessed Sinar lens board but the outside dimensions of the recess part are larger than the opening in the Chamonix's front standard. The recessed board easily fits inside the front standard of a Sinar but not inside the front standard off a Chamonix. Does anyone know of the availability of a recessed lens board that fits a Chamonix 8x10?


I did consider widening the opening in the Chamonix's front standard but decided not to go that route.

22-Jan-2017, 17:59
Here's an idea. Use a Sinar > Linhof or Sinar > Toyo Field flat lens board adapter, and a recessed Linhof or Toyo Field lens board.