View Full Version : How do you pack/carry your 8x10 F Arca to carry in field? Suitable Backpacks? Photos

21-Jan-2017, 13:35
Looking for some ideas on a suitable way to carry the 8x10 Arca in the field.

How do you carry/breakdown yours and what else do you bring along?

A photo of how it all fits in would be most useful!

21-Jan-2017, 13:50
These might help, been researching the same thing:

Maris Rusis
21-Jan-2017, 16:35
I carry monorail cameras in the field mounted on the tripod and balanced on the shoulder. The focussing cloth acts as a shoulder pad to ease the pain. When one shoulder gets tired I swap to the other shoulder. When both shoulders get tired or I want to explore a site I just open the tripod legs and put the kit down on its feet. A plastic bag covers the camera so it's rain proof.

neil poulsen
22-Jan-2017, 14:55
Out of curiosity, what are the dimensions: Length, Depth, Width?

As for logistics, I would run the front and rear standards and both function carriers onto the 15cm rail, remove that from the bracket and load that combination into a backpack. You could make a cloth container for the bracket itself and place that on top of (at a diagonal) the front standard. (The cloth container keeps one piece of metal from scratching the other.)

As for rails, if you have a 40cm that breaks apart into two 20cm rails that can be connected (I have one of these), you can load the two separate 20cm rails onto each end of the bracket to obtain about 550cm of rail. If you need a rail that's longer than that, connect the two 20cm rails into a single 40cm rail, and load this plus a separate 40cm rail onto each end of the bracket to obtain about 95 cm of total rail.

Or alternatively, get a 30cm rail that splits into two 15cm rails, plus a separate 30cm rail, if you don't need that much length. (Etc.)

I would add a 15cm rail to your kit onto which to load the camera for stowing in your backpack, and this would give you that many more combinations of lengths.