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20-Jan-2017, 06:56
So, I have a Toyo 45F. Bellows extend to 14". I would like to extend my bellows to around 20". I'm assuming the most common method is to get a second bellows, extension rail and a third standard that will join the bellows together? I've never seen a "middle standard" but am assuming they exist for this type of purpose???

thanx in advance for any guidance


Dan Fromm
20-Jan-2017, 07:26
Intermediate standard? Sub Frame 4x5 #8081.

You might be best off getting a second Toyo and using one of its standards as the intermediate.

Tobias Key
20-Jan-2017, 07:27
I have a Toyo 45C. I can take the bellows out and fit them where the lens panel normally goes, so from this I would guess you could just use an extra front standard. Maybe the cheapest way would be to buy another monorail and use it for a standard and the extra bellows, that may well be cheaper than trying to source the parts individually. You could also sell everything on as two cameras in the future, rather than being stuck with unusual extra parts that have a limited market.

Louis Pacilla
20-Jan-2017, 07:35
Hey JP

If the Toyo F has interchangeable bellows then yes your correct but there should be at least a few options for your Toyo F. You will see Toyo made many types of bellows including Regular style 4x5 in Standard 305mm max & Long 600mm max lengths. They also have many styles & sizes of standards.

Take a look at this fairly recent Toyo catalog and I believe it will hold all the answers your looking for. The back end of this 35 pg catalog is all the accessories including standards and bellows for 2x3-8x10.

Here ya go https://www.pacificrimcamera.com/rl/00273/00273.pdf

Hope this helps.

BTW -I agree w/ the above posters as finding the accessories may be more costly then buying another Toyo w/ interchangeable bellows and combining the two cameras.

20-Jan-2017, 13:40
Thanx VERY much for the information and the catalog Louis and the offline offers.