View Full Version : First 4x5 Landscape Shot!

19-Jan-2017, 01:32
Went out with a friend the other day to shoot my first real LF landscape shots. I've shot 4x5 before but only with type 55 doing petzval portraits. Here is the shot I like the most shot on a Toyo 46a with a 65mm Super Angulon at F32 for 1/15 on Neopan Acros. Developed in HC 110B for 5.5 min. All comments and critique welcome. Thanks very much.

Ok another note, I'm looking for a Toyo focusing loupe and a good dark cloth if anyone has one they'd like to sell!

19-Jan-2017, 05:28
You did well, nice image. Keep them coming!

19-Jan-2017, 05:41
Very nice. Keep it up.

There were a couple of Toyo loops for sale here recently. Check the Classifieds.

- Leigh

David Lobato
19-Jan-2017, 08:36

20-Jan-2017, 01:45
Thanks guys!! Made an 11x14 print of it today. Anyone wanna buy it? $50! Fiber print. 160035