View Full Version : Davis and Sanford Model A tripod by Tiffen - roller feet question

18-Jan-2017, 23:59
I recently picked up a Davis and Sanford Model A tripod by Tiffen off a forum member here and have been taking the rust off the tripod feet. I noticed on one of the rolling foot the housing is just slightly dented so it prevents the ball bearing from rolling. I'm going to do my best to repair it but I am curious where I might be able to find replacement roller feet or perhaps the regular rubber grip + spike feet. I like this tripod very much and would like to get as many parts for it as possible :)

Thanks in advance!

19-Jan-2017, 00:16
yay! I just fixed the dented roller foot :D

Now to just get the rust off :)

Does anyone know what I could use to polish it up and make it look shiny again?