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16-Jan-2017, 21:29
Looking for some guidance regarding what I think is a 1936 Lenhof Technika or 1939 Technika, Prospekt.
The lensboard holder seems to be about 88mm x 104mm. The only lensboards I am finding that are even remotely close are 96mm x 99mm.

Does anyone know the actual dimensions of the board or a compatible board available today?

It is also missing the ground glass. I don't know if this is due to breakage or loss. Any advice about all of the back standard would be helpful.


16-Jan-2017, 21:35
What kind of guidance are you looking for? I guess most would suggest buying a much later model, but it depends what you want to do with the camera.

Michael E
17-Jan-2017, 16:29
Ground glass and lens board can be custom ordered. There is always a cheap and an expensive way: Sand blasted window glass and plywood from local sources - or professional photographic material for a lot more money. Depends on what you prefer and can/want to spend.

From my point of view, the more interesting question is about the camera back and the kind of holders it needs. Does this model already have an international back with easy to find standard film holders?



24-Jan-2017, 16:08
As far as I can tell Michael E, it used a specific back and film holder back.
I measured the back flip up cover and it measures 155mm x 128mm. I haven't been able to properly word a google search to actually return any results that are relevant.
I think I might have to build something myself, or have something built.

Sean Mac
24-Jan-2017, 18:31

This thread might help.

Ebay.de is worth looking at.

The old Technikas are beautiful and interesting machines.

A Technika IV or V will probably be cheaper and more useful if you just want a working system.