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Old Jim
15-Jan-2017, 17:11
How do you buy something from someone on here, if they have something you want! If you send a personal check, then they still have the item, plus your money when it clears the bank, same with a money order. Not sure how to approach this.


15-Jan-2017, 17:14
use PayPal
Protection info at:

15-Jan-2017, 17:54
... and don't do business with folks who have low post counts.

Eric Woodbury
15-Jan-2017, 18:07
Buyer beware, use credit, and that said, people are basically honest. Never, ever had a problem here.

15-Jan-2017, 18:08
I've never had any problems with people who are active, and have been around for over two years.

Kent in SD

15-Jan-2017, 18:11
It's saner than Ebay these days.

Old Jim
15-Jan-2017, 18:51
Thanks Greg,
will do

Old Jim
15-Jan-2017, 19:19
you can see I have been a member for over a year, but don't post much. I mainly read and look at articles. So I don't have a very high post count!

16-Jan-2017, 02:00
Yes, higher exchange rate,
But, Secure and Swift Transactions.
I do not know any other secure way to deal with an individual seller/buyer.
Now the coverage extended to 180 days, if you are a buyer.
As a seller, you do not need to wait more than 3 days, if your client agreed.
Good luck.

16-Jan-2017, 07:33
Get a phone number and talk to the seller. I don't do paypal and know some won't buy because of that. So, I live with it. Most I have bought from or sold to are decent and honorable to deal with. PayPal is not that good to deal with as they can come back into the bank account 6 months later and jerk the money out when you don't know there is a problem. Know two who lost the money that way and never got the camera back - and PayPal won't go to bat for them. They just lost all the way around.

There is no perfect way so you need to use judgment and decide who you will trust.

Drew Bedo
16-Jan-2017, 07:45
This is a pretty good community. Most folks here are honest and Good-faith selelrs. With that said, I am uncomfortable with online buying. I prefer to buy locally and close the transaction in person. That is just me though. I still miss the old Houston Camera Show . . .and the last one of those was sometime in the early 2K years.

Fred L
16-Jan-2017, 15:20
While post count is one indicator, I also like to see WHAT they're posting. If it's contributing to the knowledge base of the board, I look more kindly upon those members.

I've only had one transaction here that kind of raised my eyebrow. A camera was packaged with minimal bubble wrap/ peanuts etc.. Other than a rangefinder calibration, it was fine....whew

Otherwise I've had nothing but great transactions here and a recent one (hi Robert Ley !) worked out wonderfully when they brought up my items during a visit, saving me shipping !

I've sold a few things here and plan to list a few for FS: but have primarily been a buyer vs seller ;)


Alan Gales
17-Jan-2017, 13:31
I think members on here are pretty honest but if you want to be sure then use PayPal as Greg suggests.

Alan Gales
17-Jan-2017, 13:42
I've only had one transaction here that kind of raised my eyebrow. A camera was packaged with minimal bubble wrap/ peanut etc.. Other than a rangefinder calibration, it was fine....whew

I bought an old 8x10 wooden tailboard camera off Ebay. I only bought it for the Kodak 305mm Portrait lens that was on it. When it arrived the camera was just placed in an oversized box with minimal shipping peanuts without any bubble wrap. The camera was fine except I had to vacuum all the peanut dust out of it. What really amazed me though was that the lens with lens board was just thrown in the box loose. Not attached to the camera, no zip lock bag, no bubble wrap, nothing. Fortunately, it was all right.

Randy Moe
17-Jan-2017, 13:57
I don't like Pay Pal, for all the reasons listed already.

I have bought from a few long time members who insist on Postal Money Orders, which are very safe and hard to counterfeit. Works for me.

If I sell locally, I always sell for cash and meet the buyer at any bank lobby, preferably theirs.

Many here insist on personal checks and they wait several weeks for the check to clear, then ship. Good idea.

As a buyer, I usually ask a seller if they will take my check and hold shipping until it clears. Good idea for us both.

I have also asked a seller or three here, to agree to sell to me, but could they wait a week for my Pay Day. All have agreed!

Eliminate the middle man.

17-Jan-2017, 16:57
I think members on here are pretty honest but if you want to be sure then use PayPal as Greg suggests.


20-Jan-2017, 04:06
As some people suggested here, PayPal seems safe when you are buying anything!

Randy Moe
20-Jan-2017, 08:33
As some people suggested here, PayPal seems safe when you are buying anything!

Yes, but you actually pay more.

Many things on eBay, including old cameras, are sold off eBay, in a private store for 10% less, by the same seller. And with free shipping and 6-month guarantee.

I always look for a volume seller's private non-eBay store.

Do your own homework. Save money.:)

Old Jim
20-Jan-2017, 19:14
Randy, I agree with what you are saying. I don't particularly like PayPal and haven't used it in years, but if I send you money and you elect not to send my the product I am buying I don't have any recourse. Especially if you live across country from me. I guess the only answer is trust! I look at what you have for sale and it is going to be a good price or I am not interested anyway, then I send my payment, and when the check clears I trust you to send my purchase..

Liquid Artist
20-Jan-2017, 23:39
To me it appears that most people selling items here have several ads going. So if you doubt their integrity try buying something small and cheap from them. Then base your next purchase based on your experience.

After I get to know someone I like paying with E-Transfers ( internet bank transfers )
Once your bank account is set up they are quick, easy, and cheap.

Dan Fromm
21-Jan-2017, 06:54
Old Jim, I think you'd best not buy from distant strangers.

25-Jan-2017, 04:08
Paypal is pretty good for buyers, specially if payment is funded through a credit card. Don't worry about it! There's also the buyer advisory board on here. I've had a couple of good experiences with sellers here.

25-Jan-2017, 17:04
I'm surprised no one has mentioned the buyer/seller advisories (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/forumdisplay.php?32-Buyer-Seller-Advisories).

neil poulsen
25-Jan-2017, 19:05
PayPal only. I would request that they send you a PayPal invoice. In sending you an invoice, they need to describe what's being sold. That will help document the transaction.

Peter Collins
25-Jan-2017, 19:52
Been here a while; never have had a problem with any purchase from the folks here.