View Full Version : Zone 6 VC Head Repair - Updates?

John Layton
15-Jan-2017, 05:55
Hi Folks. The blue tube of my Zone 6 (type 2) VC head flickers noticeably, unless I reduce its output by about half. This powering down is not a good solution (makes for longish exposures), plus, the problem might be getting worse.

At any rate...I know that this issue has been addressed in the past - but its been awhile and I'm just wanting to hear about any updates on this (resources, folks to contact, or whatever), if they indeed still exist.

I know that there are some options....that I could DIY something, or perhaps contact Heiland about their apparently amazing (and expensive) LED VC heads - but truth be told I actually like my Zone 6 VC head (complete with all the light compensating goodies, etc.), and I really don't want to give up on it just yet. Thanks!

Bruce Barlow
15-Jan-2017, 12:39
Ask Mr. Ritter. He may know who can do it.

Alan Curtis
15-Jan-2017, 13:55
I faced this same problem several years ago and pretty much exhausted the various tube replacement avenues. I purchased a VC modern enlarge lamp. With very minor modifications it fits my Zone VI enlarger and works very well. There were some iOs difficulties with one of the apple upgrades, but they appear to be solved. Richard Ritter may very well have the answer, if he does please post it. He is and amazing resource.