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John Layton
13-Jan-2017, 05:07
So...in my quest for a light source for my DIY 11x14 enlarger - I quickly stumbled upon the Artograph Pro 1700 (17x17) - which features variable power up to 11,000 lux, plus adjustable color temp - which, for a split-grade guy like myself, could be great!

Although I have not yet found actual color temp. specs - the video on the autograph website (http://www.artograph.com) gives me some sense of an actual color temp. range - and while it looks like this range might not be quite that of my Zone 6 VC light source, it does look like it might be adequate - at least if a film exposure and processing regimen could be used to help make this range viable.

A somewhat less expensive alternative, one which might actually give me a greater color temp. range, would be to simply go with Artograph's "fixed grade" model - and use gel filters with this. But the "VC" (Pro) version just looks too compelling to ignore.

At any rate...if anybody has either used, or experimented with, either this particular light source or at least something similar to this, and could chime in with some feedback, that would be great. Thanks!

Erik Larsen
13-Jan-2017, 05:58
You might contact LF member Randy Moe, I believe he has used an artograph for an 8x10 light source.

Randy Moe
13-Jan-2017, 07:27
I still use 2 Artogragh. The first gen LED panel, now cheaper! I use the smallest for 5x7 and the next larger for 8x10. I use under lens filters. Works for me. When enlarging onto X-Ray for internegs I add more diffusion to cut down light.

The new Artogragh models look very nice. I would prefer some other way of adjusting them. Having to remove or lift them to adjust the touch controls on the front and for us, 'bottom' besel would be slow ladder work for me. Also I dislike adjusting anything near a negative as dust will move.

I also use a few other LED lights as enlarger lamps when I want way more power.

I documented all of it in DIY here. Find it if you can...

Sean Mac
21-Jan-2017, 09:36


Randy Moe
21-Jan-2017, 10:08


Thanks for finding the link.

That thread is 9 pages long, the good stuff is at the end, thanks to many contributers and Bob Mann's Step Wedge testing and posted images.

7-Jul-2017, 18:01
I realize this was posted several months ago but after purchasing the Artograph Pro 1200 as a possible light source for my Beseler converted 8x10 enlarger, it seems it can only power on by the touch controls on the front. This defeats my need to sync to a conventional darkroom timer. Oddly, the LX930, which is also variable brightness (though not as bright as the Pro 1200) did not have this issue. It easily powered on through my electronic timer, perhaps with a slight delay. Any others with this experience? Thanks in advance.