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Steven Tribe
12-Jan-2017, 06:18
This museum has been mentioned by Emil Schildt a few times here.
The threatened closure has now been finalised.
The museum includes both photographic equipment as well as photo prints.
There will be a sale of prints starting on the 19th of January at the physical location of Herning, Jutland Denmark. I will see if it will be possible to register interest/bids by email. Organisation looks a bit amateur to be honest.

List of images/photographers is here and there is more info at the same website (Just Danish!).
Includes our own Emil Schildt!


I have been in touch with curator.

The photos have been donated to the museum by the artists (executors) in the period from the 1990's.
These prints have the fixed price shown and can only be purchased at the time/date/location indicated. They regret they do not have the ressources for an auction or distance purchase. Unsold lots could be available after this date.
As Emil has mentioned, they do have a considerable collection of period cameras and optics. These will be conseigned to a well known auction house located in Cologne this year!

Michael Clark
13-Jan-2017, 15:20
I see Per Volquartz is listed also, like to know what Photographs they have of his .

Steven Tribe
14-Jan-2017, 02:32
So would I!

There are no images available. I suppose the curator might be able to send a single image to an enquirer, but that leaves the problem of physical presence in Herning. Member Emil Schildt (aka Gandolfi!) lives nearby and has had a lot of contact with them in the past, so he might be able to help.

I got the impression that he (the curator) expected a lot (most?) of the prints to be unsold on the day as this sale system is a problem even for people living in the area.

Michael Clark
14-Jan-2017, 07:49
To bad we can't see the work of these Artists, but wish them well with there sell.