View Full Version : Arista 4x5 tank - Any truth to rumor?

10-Jan-2017, 19:57
Heard earlier today that Arista (I assume Freestyle) was coming out with a 4x5 tank. I did not have an opportunity to explore it with the person who mentioned it. The inference was that it would be a daylight tank.

Anyone else hear anything about such a tank? Freestyle does have the Mod54 on their site, but has for a while.

19-Jan-2017, 14:29
Just what was needed. Another 4x5 tank.

20-Jan-2017, 08:48
probably just reselling

20-Jan-2017, 09:47
probably just reselling

But reselling what (if the rumor is true at all)?

Mark Sampson
20-Jan-2017, 10:48
Doesn't Freestyle Photo sell Arista brand products? You might consider asking them. (Having an actual answer is not as much fun as a rumor, I admit.)

20-Jan-2017, 12:56
Just what was needed. Another 4x5 tank.

What's needed are "Good" new 5x4 tanks. I have a Yankee tank it's usable for 5x4 but then I bought it for 9x12 and Quarter plate sizes, they aren't ideal. I can't comment about the HP Combi tanks I've never seen one. I have a great Dallon (David Allen) stainless steel daylight 5x4tank but the rubber seal is old and porous so can't be used as it would contaminate. In practice I've used Jobo 2000 tanks with 5x4 reels since 1976, these are great, they pre-date the rotary Jobo tanks so are inversion tanks.

Some modern alternatives aren't as good as they should be so ideally there needs to be some serious evaluation of what's now available new. That's not a dig at the recent and current Kickstarter tanks discussed on this forum by their designer/manufacturer, it's other products after talking to a user from this forum.


21-Jan-2017, 10:08
I've owned both the MOD54 and the SP-445 tanks since they were first introduced. I've developed hundreds of sheets in the MOD54 and dozens in the SP-445. I love them both, and I don't feel there is the need for another tank. I frankly don't know how you could improve on the SP-445, it's hard to imagine a system that is easier to use. I've never had trouble with marks caused by the film holder, which some others have reported, but the new film holders are designed to address this.