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9-Jan-2017, 01:20
Hello everyone,

I just got my hands on a pre-war camera. The format is a bit odd, 10x15. Definitely of german origin. I think it might be a Perka or early Linhof, but I find no plate or serial or anything. I'd appreciate if someone could help me out with infos on this camera.
It has a revolving back and offers some movements on the front standard - left/right and up/down.
The rear standard can be tilt to an angle of maybe 10/15°.
The bellows extension is quite large.
It came with a nice Bausch&Lomb lens ~300 mm in a working automatic B&L-shutter from appr. 1890.
Someone changed the mount for the lens plate. It is certainly not original. The same guy also built a nice cassette for 10x15 cm glass negs or wetplates to be used with this camera.
The 2x3 rollfilm-cassette of my Speedie does fit. Just would have to add a latch to keep it i place. I think international holders should work as well with little modification.


ps. Just in case anyone is interested - it is a camera made by Gebr. Herbst in Görlitz around 1920. Seems to be the 10x15 cm variant of a 13x18cm "Juwel".