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8-Jan-2017, 10:41
David Vestal's name came up here recently, and I found these writings:


Some of you might enjoy them - I certainly did.

bob carnie
8-Jan-2017, 11:00
link does not work for me

Richard Wasserman
8-Jan-2017, 11:10
Try- phototechmag.com/author/david-vestal/

Thanks for this, I've always been a fan of David Vestal and it's nice to have all these writings in one place.

8-Jan-2017, 12:00
Use the link, let it fail, then add the missing colon after http, and the link is good

8-Jan-2017, 14:00
I fixed it - it works now.

David Karp
8-Jan-2017, 14:07
I miss that magazine.

Jim Noel
8-Jan-2017, 16:38
David was a very interesting man. Even as he aged he drove across the country to meet with us at AL Weber's.The trip usually took him 12-15 days. He had so many friends, he stayed with a different one on each night of his trip. I am pleased to have been able to know him.

Mark Sampson
8-Jan-2017, 17:31
I learned a great deal from David Vestal; the lessons from a one-week workshop in 1985 still resonate. And that made me appreciate his monthly columns all the more. Glad to see they are online- as my paper copies are both incomplete and far away. I should have subscribed to his newsletter "GRUMP' but I was stupid and never did. Perhaps those, too, will be available online. I can only hope.

8-Jan-2017, 19:19
I enjoyed Mr. Vestal's writing as well, although as I reread the darkroom columns, I have a feeling he had about 18 essays, that were written differently, but repeated in essence over time.
Forgive me.

Jan Pietrzak
9-Jan-2017, 09:56
This is best I can do159555

Mark Sampson
9-Jan-2017, 14:29
cowanw, that's probably true of more writers (especially columnists) than we realize. Or for that matter, composers, artists, and photographers. As someone once said of the great bluesman Elmore James, "He only knew three licks- but he really knew those those three licks".

Andrew O'Neill
9-Jan-2017, 15:37
I have read pretty much everything that he has written. I'm also the proud owner of 4 of his prints.