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2-Jan-2017, 18:09
Been shooting with 4x5 Speed and Crown Graphics and my old trusty Graphic View view cameras for going on 40 years. Shoot the baby Graphics and Hasselblads too, but those are outside of the portfolio of the forum.

Been on 7 continents including 2 years in Antarctica, and have enjoyed shooting on every one. I stood in Pontings darkroom in Scotts Hut in Antarctica and looked at the red window that was his safelight, and found broken glass negatives and bottles of chemicals on the floor and desk. That was an amazing experience. I'm still not over it.

Happy to share expertise with the Graflex lineup, not an expert in much else. A man has to know his limits!

Here to learn about others and to share what I know.



2-Jan-2017, 18:37
Welcome, Dave. I first shot with a SG in 1958 when I became the HS yearbook photographer. Those were the good old days of using film packs and #22 light er flash bulbs. At the age of 73 I have sold my Deardorffs and other view cameras and am down to a 4x5 Pacemaker Speed. Enjoy the site, as I learn something on here daily.


3-Jan-2017, 22:56
Hi Dave and welcome!

I am a complete newbie to LF photography just about to buy my first LF camera.
Look forward to your photography stories and to learn from them.


6-Jan-2017, 15:25
Hi Dave - you'll probably find a good many of us have used Speeds and Crowns. I have had a few. Several years ago I discovered that Graflex made a 4X5 SLR (how did I not know this before?) Got me a RB Series D 4X5 and am loving it. Hope you stick around and contribute much.

6-Jan-2017, 17:21
Hi Dave,

I've noticed the focusing rail of my Super Graphic gets pretty stiff when it's cold outside. How did you prep your camera for Antarctica?


6-Jan-2017, 17:27
Thanks for the welcome guys!

Markus, I took the advice of Marty Forscher in NYC (who prepped my working cameras for the trip, which were the old style Canon F1's), and just cleaned all of the lubricant out of the thing. For the short period of time used on a trip like that you're not going to wear anything out, and all petroleum greases and lubes just turn to molasses. He used a powdered graphite in the F1's, for the Speedy I just took swabs and naptha and cleaned it the best I could. Worked OK down to -20. Truthfully during the summer there temperatures hovered just below freezing "most of the time" so it wasn't as bad as it might seem. Leaf shutters get slow. The old focal plane? Ran like a charm.


6-Jan-2017, 19:32
Welcome. I mostly use a speed graphic with soft focus barrel lenses for LF.
Mine works fine in the cold too (at least much better than normal leaf shutters). I have a RB Super D which doesn't like the cold though.

7-Jan-2017, 18:32
In Maine right now outside I think that would be a perfect setup!

As you write, one of the nice things about a Speedy is that you can plug on just about any lens you find. It's a fun hobby.