View Full Version : Canada Winter Landscapes

David Lobato
20-Dec-2016, 08:09
Yesterday my wife and I drove from Toronto to Montreal and I was impressed by the beautiful winter scenes along the highway. I saw several compositions for 8x10 I would have loved to take. She's on a scheduled music tour and we did not have time to stop. I was wondering what kind of Large Format photography trip could be planned in Ontario and Quebec Canada? Has anyone done winter touring for photography? What logistics would one need to consider?

I'm in Montreal for two more days and am enjoying the city. The weather here on 20 décembre is fine with me.

Ken Lee
20-Dec-2016, 08:28
If you drive 50-100 miles north of Montreal to the Laurentian mountains, you will find endless rolling hills and lakes. Naturally, it's best to have a vehicle with an excellent heater, built-in heating coil and studded snow tires or chains if you plan to travel on back roads.

20-Dec-2016, 09:15
If you're in Montreal for a couple of days, and want to get some urban stuff, head to the Lachine Canal or drive the length of St Patrick st.
The area between Montreal and Toronto is one of the flattest areas outside the Prairies, but Ken is right, the hills come alive north of Montreal.
Also, if you are in the Ottawa area, Gatineau Provincial Park is quite wonderful at any season.
Luckily, you also arrived just as a cold snap ended.

Andrew O'Neill
20-Dec-2016, 11:29
Love Montreal. Wanna go back. Great vibe. I would say most vibrant city in Canada. Ari, not all of the Prairies is flat. We've got rolling hills and valleys in many places in Saskatchewan! :)

20-Dec-2016, 15:50
Andrew, I'm sure the rolling hills are there, I'll take your word for it :); the endless horizon is one of the most beautiful qualities of the Prairies.