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15-Dec-2016, 18:42
Hi! I'm Phillip, I live in Brooklyn. I recently purchased a new (to me) Deardorff V8 after working with 4x5 in college. I've been stalking these forums for a while, but figured that since I've actually shot something maybe I should introduce myself and say hi. Anyway, here they are, three portraits with the new camera. Looking forward to any insight people have on working in large format!


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Leszek Vogt
15-Dec-2016, 22:25
Welcome to LF forum. Looks like you have things under control.


16-Dec-2016, 12:45
I really believe that portraits shines more with 8x10 format, but is it is 8x10?

17-Dec-2016, 02:07
Judging by the rebate:image ratio, they are indeed 8x10's. And beautiful ones at that!

peter schrager
17-Dec-2016, 02:27
Nice work!!

17-Dec-2016, 06:15
They are indeed! Ilford HP5. The lab under developed them a bit, but still useable. Seem to have a light leak in one of my holders however. Thank you!

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17-Dec-2016, 09:52
Great portraits, welcome!

Peter De Smidt
17-Dec-2016, 09:56
Welcome! Those are some terrific portraits!

17-Dec-2016, 14:44
It is making hard to me now to forget about 8x10, i didn't start or shoot much yet with 4x5, and now watching 8x10 it is really killing.

If i will buy 8x10 one day in the future, far future, i will only buy it for portraits, could be used for anything else, but i will really think to keep 8x10 for portraits only when possible.