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15-Dec-2016, 09:39
Hello !

I just own a Durst 138s and it seems to be a good tool to . I bought it for a little money but without negative carrier.
I'm from France and impossible to find the film older nega 138 in my country even in Europe !

Do you know a place to find one ?
Is there a classified section in this forum ?

Appologies for my English wich is not my mother language ;)

That's a lot for your help.



Drew Wiley
15-Dec-2016, 10:12
Oh gosh, there was a beautiful NEGA138 on EBay for only $45, but someone already snatched it up. You search for them under "Durst Carriers". I've seen em
anywhere from $35 to $1200 US. These things ship internationally, but do turn up frequently in the EU too. There are older carriers around too. Just remember
that if the glass in them is missing or damaged, replacement glass itself might cost more than a used carrier. Hope your translation program works.

15-Dec-2016, 10:38
Really !? I'm looking on eBay for weeks ! And I haven't saw it . It may be the keywords. I'll try with theses one.

Do you know if I could adapt another carrier on 138s's head designed for the nega 138?

I better understand English the writing ;)

Drew Wiley
15-Dec-2016, 11:41
It would be much easier just to find a correct carrier than make one, though you could do that if you have machine shop skills and equipment. You just have to be
a bit patient. Go onto the Camera section of Ebay and search under Durst carriers, or simply Durst, just like I said. But note carefully the condition of any carrier
you might be interested in. There were several different one suitable for 138's, with the book-style NEGA 138 being mid-range in terms of original price. It might
take a bit of patience, maybe a few months, until another good one turns up.

24-Dec-2016, 18:23
Many sellers don't set the shipping for EU in theirs listings. Must search first on eBay.com then ask the seller for international shipping.
Raphaël, vous devez chercher en premier sur eBay.com et ensuite demander au vendeur s'il veut expédier en Europe. Si vous ne trouvez pas le modèle standard, j'aurais un modèle de base comme l'article #201625074418

24-Dec-2016, 21:52
Hang in there, they do come up usually several times a year! Take Ginette's advice and check eBay in different countries. L

25-Dec-2016, 16:42
You can buy the glass here: https://secure31.webhostinghub.com/~fpoint5/store/agora.cgi?cart_id=5809346.23058*L18R98&product=ENLARGER_GLASS
It's a small company in Florida, USA. Beware though: like any product you purchase from the USA and ship into the EU, you'll need to pay taxes and customs handling cost.
The advantage is that you'll be assured to get brand new, clean, good quality glass.
With that glass you could easily build a frame to fit it in, for instance using thick sheets of solid black plastic. I've done that in the past and it worked fine.

26-Dec-2016, 11:07
Don't need the glass if you don't own a negative carrier

26-Dec-2016, 14:57
Don't need the glass if you don't own a negative carrier

Once you have the glass one can easily make a negative carrier; as said, I did it in the past and it worked just fine.

Don Dudenbostel
26-Dec-2016, 22:37
They do appear on eBay but I wouldn't say frequently. I have seen a few. Go to eBay and search Durst. The best thing is to scroll through all the Durst listings. Many people don't know what they have and don't know the official name of the part.

You could try a sandwich of anti newton glass on top and regular glass on the bottom with the negative in the middle. Just lay it in the space where the carrier goes in the enlarger. Put a skirt of black velvet around the opening to keep light from escaping. Use double face tape or Velcro. Not fancy but it probably will work until you find the real thing. You could probably make a classless carrier out of aluminum you could lay in the opening. Pattern it after an omega carrier.

thomas ciulei
30-Dec-2016, 06:07
figure 100-150 EUR.
the carrier also has that cool crosshair for focusing.
just a tip, inspect the 138 carefully and look for other parts that soon might need replacement,
or you get stranded again for a few months. thats what i did anyways.

awesome enlarger, congratulations.

31-Dec-2016, 19:16
There's one on eBay right now. In France. Item 162340907153. May need a little work. Good luck.