View Full Version : Kearsarge 403 timer and Aristo VCL4500 problem

Robert Bowring
13-Dec-2016, 09:31
I have used a Kearsarge 301 timer with my Aristo VCL4500 for some time with no problems. The timer worked perfectly. I recently upgraded to a Kearsarge 403 timer and now have a problem. The timer will turn on the enlarger in the timed mode or the focus mode but will NOT turn it off. It will stay on in the time mode or the focus mode. I remember reading on this forum some time ago that someone had the same problem with a Kearsarge 301 timer and a Saunders 4x5 enlarger. The solution was to plug the enlarger and something else into the enlarger plug on the timer. I plugged my enlarger and my safelight into the enlarger plug on the 403 timer and now it works like it should. It turns the enlarger on and off in the focus mode and in the timed mode just like it should. Of course it also turns the safelight on when the enlarger is on and turns the safelight off when the enlarger is off. I can't remember the explanation of why it works with an extra light plugged in but I think it had to do with a relay or resistor. Obviously I can not use the safelight this way. Does anyone have any suggestion of what else I could use in place of the safelight? I suppose I could use another safelight but I would prefer something that does not light up.

Robert Bowring
13-Dec-2016, 14:29
I figured it out. I went to the hardware store and bought a power/surge strip that has an on/off warning light. I plugged the power/surge strip into the enlarger outlet on the timer and then plugged the enlarger into the power/surge strip. Everything is working as it should. The warning light on the strip is very dim and is sort of orange-red in color so it should be safe. I know nothing about electronics. If there is anyone out there who could explain to me why this worked I would really appreciate it. Thanks